abbr. Haggai (Old Testament).

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Hag. (Bible)
(the Book of) Haggai

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hag1 «hag», noun.
1. a very ugly old woman, especially one who is vicious or malicious: »

The old hag made a face to chase the children from her yard.

SYNONYM(S): beldam.
2. a witch: »

the hags that ride on Halloween.

3. Archaic. a female evil spirit, demon, goblin, or ghost.
4. = hagfish. (Cf.hagfish)
[Middle English hagge, apparently contraction of Old English hægtesse, also hegtes witch, fury]
hag´like´, adjective.
hag2 «hag», noun. Scottish.
1. a piece of soft bog, especially in a moor or morass.
2. one of the turfy or heathery spots of firmer ground that rise out of a peat bog: »

A small and shaggy nag, That through a bog, from hag to hag, Could bound (Scott).

[perhaps < Scandinavian (compare Old Icelandic högg (originally) a cutting < höggva to cut, hack)]
hag3 «hag», noun.
= hagden. (Cf.hagden)
Haggai (a book of the Old Testament).

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abbr. Bible Haggai

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